econvestor outperforms the market by 3.88% in September 2022 Jonathan Smith October 2, 2022
econvestor outperforms the market by 3.88% in September 2022
econvestor overperforms the market

September 2022 was arguably a difficult month for the market. Nevertheless our standard econvestor members managed to outperformed the market yet again for another month. Based on our top 10 recommendations our members had an overall average  performance of -5.46% hence beating the market by a solid +3.88% as compared to the S&P500 index which had an overall performance for September of -9.34%.

This brings our monthly average performance to +4.4% above the S&P500 since our inception (September 2021) giving a total cumulative outperformance of +54.50% and a return to our members of a healthy cumulative +33.41% in contrast with the S&P500 which since our inception has lost -21.09%!

Let’s see in more detail how our top 3 stock recommendations for September 2022 have performed. These recommendations were: LNG, HBCP and BJ.

1. LNG

LNG had the best performance of the ten recommendations with a monthly return of +3.58%. Cheap North American natural gas supplies have been attractive to foreign energy buyers for years; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only amplified the need for more secure supplies.

2. HBCP 

HBCP was the second best recommendation of the month with a return of -0.13%. It important to note that insiders acquired stock in large numbers last year

3. BJ

BJ was the third best recommendation of the month with a return of -2.26%. The company beat consensus EPS estimates in each of the trailing four quarters. The company topped consensus revenue estimates each time over this period.

The verdict 

Overall a solid performance of our standard recommendation portfolio despite the negative returns by the market. Our members continue to earn a healthy cumulative positive return  and we offer a promising future in growing their investments even further in the stock exchange market. 

September 2022 Round-up:
Stocks that outperformed: 9/10
Stocks with positive returns: 1/10
Average Performance: -5.46%
S&P500 Performance: -9.34%
econvestor performance: +3.88%
Best performer: LNG
Worst Performer: EPAM
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